new *Public notice regarding Group Housing Ground coverage dated 16th November 2016 [2]

*Gazette notification chapter wise modifications dated 11th August 2016

*Public Notice regarding Land Pooling Policy Dated 4th May 2016

*Gazette notification regarding Low Density Residential plots (Farm house in 1 acre) dated 22nd February 2016

*Public notice regarding draft detailed regulations for operationalization of the TOD dated 23rd February 2016

*Public notice for modified policy for obtaining noc for installation of lifts in group housing flats

*DDA Public notice- to acquire vacant land in Zone-P-I for Land pooling dated: 18th November 2015

*DDA Public notice- Beware of illegal offers on registration of flats dated: 10th November 2015

*DDA Public notice- Beware of illegal offers on registration of flats dated: October 2015

*DDA Public notice for EOI of Land pooling Agencies dated: 3rd April 2015

*Economic Survey of Delhi 2014-2015 Highlights

*DDA Public notice – Beware of illegal offers on registration of flats dated: 8th March 2015

*DDA Public notice on Fast track approval of Building Plans dated: 28th march 2015

*DDA Public notice on Land pooling policy Regulations dated: 29th January 2014

*DDA Public notice on Beware of Societies offer dated October 2014

* Performance of Delhi Government – report 1 & report 2

*DDA Public notice  on Low density Residential Plots dated: 18th September 2013

*Gazette Notification dated 18th June 2013 Farmhouse

*Gazette Notification dated 13th May 2013 chapter wise modifications in MPD 2021

*Gazette Notification dated 10th May 2013 Farmhouse

*DDA Public notice dated 29th May 2013

*DDA Public notice dated 28th May 2013 part-I

*DDA Public notice dated 28th May 2013 part-II

*DDA Public notice dated 14th May 2013

*DDA Public notice dated 09th May 2013

*DDA Public notice dated 4th May 201

*DDA Land Pooling Policy public notice dated 18th April 2013

*Land use change notification Dated: 28th Feb 2013 for Village Dhansa & Jharoda kalan

*Delhi Government Notification on Revised Circle rate of Delhi 2012 dated: 4th Dec 2012

*DDA public notice on Farmhouse/ Country homes policy dated: 27th Oct 2012

*DDA public notice on modifications of MPD-2021 dated: 01st Oct 2012

* DDA public notice on revised sanction of FAR for Group Housing dt 13th Sep 2012

*Gazette Notification-Regulations for Regularization of Unauthorized Colonies in Delhi

*Gazette Notification-Regulations for Redevelopment of Clusters Of Industrial Concentration in non-Conforming/Unplanned Industrial Areas

*Gazette Notification-Fixation of rates to be applied for use conversion,mixed land use charges and other charges for enhanced FAR including hotels arising out of MPD-2021 for the year 2010-2011

*DDA Public notices for open house meet for mid term review of Master Plan of Delhi- 2021
South District 08-05-12       North District 30-04-12 & 01-05-12

West District -22-05-12

  • Supreme Court order barring all property sale transactions through general power of attorney (GPA) 


*Highlights of the Land acquisition Bill- 

*Gazette Notification Regarding Regulations and Guidelines for Redevelopment of planned Industrial areas

vide SO.No. 683(E) dated 01-04-2011  Click Here

Gazette Notification Regarding Building regulations for Special Area, Unauthorized Regularized colonies & Village Abadis, 2010 Vide SO.No. 97(E) dated 17-01-2011 Click Here

* Public notice regarding modification in land use of Zone -L 

* Dwarka New sectors on Roll

Readers would recall that the existing Dwarka, which is restricted to one side of the proposed 100 M UER-II is uptill sector 22. The MPD 2021 had proposed new sectors 23-31 between the Railway underpass & the Najafgarh canal. It seems that the government machinery is finally rolling out it’s planned activities. Tenders for Infrastructure in the new sectors have started surfacing in the mainline newspapers.

Click here to view the tender 


* Zonal Development plans notified- Public notice by DDA Click Here

* Zone -A (walled City) Notification Click Here

* Zone -A (other than walled City) Notification Click Here

*Zone -B Notification Click Here

*Zone -F Notification Click Here

*Zone -G NotificationClick Here

*Zone -H NotificationClick Here

* Zone -J Notification Click Here

*Zone K-I Notification Click Here

* Zone K-II Notification Click Here

*Zone -L  Gazette Notification Click Here

* Zone M Notification Click Here

* Zone –N Notification Click Here

* Zone -O Notification Click Here

* Zone -P-II Notification Click Here

* Notification to denotify development area of DDA on 6th June 10 Click Here for notification 1 & here for Notification 2

* A draft policy on “Land Assembly based on Land Pooling and Owners Participation as an alternative to Large Scale Land Acquisition in Delhi”. Click Here

* No exemption from property tax in Urbanized villages, Unauthorized colonies and unauthorized regularized colonies Click Here